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Lion Consulting Services for
Nonprofit Organizations

Services Offered

Our mission is to support and assist nonprofit organizations experiencing a leadership transition or the temporary loss of a senior manager (planned and unplanned) by offering high quality interim senior leadership and management, as well as other consultation services.

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Interim Management Services

Interim management services are provided when an organization expereinces a temporary loss of an executive level position.  As this service is typically requested when an agency is undergoing a leadership transition, the placement timeframe is typically 2 to 6 months or until a new permanent executive is hired.  The timeframe is very flexible and is tailored to the specific needs of the organization.

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Leadership Development and Coaching

In the nonprofit world, we recognize that resources, human and financial, are often very limited.  People in key positions often wear many hats and are sometimes thrust into various roles.  This can result in inadequate training and preparation for key positions. 

Our services are designed to help develop mid and/or senior level leaders/managers.  Through guidance and support, we provide coaching and concrete tools that build your team's management and leadership skills.

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Process and Program Evaluation

Efficiency is critical for nonprofit organizations.  When organizations are not efficient, funding is not maximixed.  We can help your organization become more efficient by reviewing your work processes and providing recommendations that will minimize timeframes to complete specific tasks and eliminate duplication.


About Our Business

Tonya Burns is an accomplished leader with more than 20 years of senior/executive level experience and has successfully led several nonprofit and public programs in the Los Angeles area, including:  self-sufficiency and child care subsidy programs; children’s mental health agencies; homelessness assistance and early care and education agencies; and various child welfare foster care and adoption programs.  She's led small and large organizations with program staff numbering from 20 to 150.  Throughout her career, she has helped organizations achieve:

  • Significant program growth and expansion

  • Increased agency reserves 

  • Improved continuous quality improvement processes

  • Established performance standards and metrics

  • Developed supervisory and middle management leadership teams, and most recently  

  • Facilitated the affiliation of a small organization which struggled through the financial challenges brought on by the pandemic with another larger organization.  

She is poised and available to support your organization.

Contact Us

Please contact us and let us know how we can support your agency.

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